Taking a very results-oriented approach to projects, contact us with a description of what you need done, and we will find a way to do it.

Favouring proven Open Source tools on the UNIX platform, with methods and programming languages suited for rapid development, The Cain Gang solutions tend towards low overhead costs, and easy future extensibility. We believe in building what you need at the moment: future needs can then be assessed more accurately as they are required.

Our development efforts, when possible, revolve around the following packages:

Python Programming
    A powerful object-oriented general purpose programming language, renowned for its clean syntax, time-proven maintainability, and wealth of standard modules. Although Python isn't the most well known programming language, it has a large install base, and has been used successfully for years on such major projects as Zope, and eGroups (now Yahoo! Groups).
    A professional Open Source relational database engine. PostgreSQL supports (for free) all the required features of expensive commercial database systems, along with specialisation and extensions not found in other packages.
Apache Web Server
    The most used, and widely regarded as the best, web server available. Flexible and multi-platform availability of Apache make it the best choice for web-based development.

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The Cain Gang has its own web-based tool for team project management. We call it The NetTask Manager. A deceptively simple and straight forward interface provides an extremely efficient method of organising and tracking projects of all kinds. With task assignment, security levels, prioritisation, email notifications, and more, the NetTask Manager has proven itself a great tool for project-oriented organisations to manage their tasks.

We use the NetTask Manager ourselves, but we also offer it as a product to other interested parties. For more information and access to our demo site, contact us.

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