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ISP Services

The Cain Gang Ltd. operates its own ISP, Vex.Net. Through Vex.Net, we can offer a wide variety of services, such as web/domain hosting, email, mailing lists, web programming and design, as well as connectivity. See the Vex.Net web page for details.

In addition, Vex.Net is a domain name registrar, and a source for secure browser certificates. You can register .com, .net, .org, and .ca domain names through Vex.Net (with "free parking"), as well as purchase browser trusted 128 bit SSL/TLS certificates.

We also can provide bulk rate hosting to web designers who want to manage multiple sites. We call this concept a "Virtual ISP". The way it works is that we provide all of the ISP services required, and bill the "Virtual ISP" owner one fee. The owner then can deal directly with his or her own customers who need never be bothered having to pay separate companies for hosting and other services.

Vex.Net's billing and user management is handled by The Cain Gang ISP Management System. As actual users of our own product, you can be assured new features are tested in real-life situations, and that problems are found and fixed quickly.

The Cain Gang/Vex.Net can provide hardware hosting solutions, such as co-location.

ISP Management System
The Cain Gang ISP Management System is a complete UNIX based solution for billing, account setup, and system maintenance. Featuring a web based interface (for both users and admins), and extreme extensibility, CGIMS can be made to fit any need. The system is built with an industrial strength PostgreSQL back-end, using extensive Python scripting.

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View the draft PDF Manual (Note: this is a work in progress!).


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