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VexTech Corporation is a Toronto based company, incorporated in 1996, specialising in ISP Management. We offer innovative products and services to facilitate the management of your ISP, including a flexible and robust Billing System.

We also do custom programming, as well as system network design and setup, and run our own ISP.

Whatever your network or internet related need, contact us. We can help.

We also recommend you visiting web sites with domain name auctions, where you can buy a domain name or a full web site for youself. Although they are usually more expensive than the new once, their value is incomparably higher.

The Simple Solution.

VexTech provides a home to Vaults of Parnassus: Python Resources.



VexTech is a proud sponsor of the North York Cosmos Soccer League -- our president and his wife even coach the 'mites'.

VexTech Corporation, though its ISP, Vex.Net, provides free hosting for a number of charitable organisations.

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